Earth Is Bipolar (2021)

Part One of “Music Recorded in Quarantine” entitled “Earth Is Bipolar” by Alien Music Club! I haven’t released any new music since 2012. It took nine years and a Pandemic, but here we are.  My son Jaron Pearlman co-produced and contributed drums and percussion on some tracks. Otherwise, all music/lyrics/performance by Jonathan Pearlman.


  They Call Me Pizzle (2021)
Part Two of “Music Recorded in Quarantine” entitled “They Call Me Pizzle” by Alien Music Club! I haven’t released any new music since 2012. It took nine years and a Pandemic, but here we are. My son Jaron Pearlman co-produced and contributed drums and percussion on some tracks. Otherwise, all music/lyrics/performance by Jonathan Pearlman.


  Dosta (2012)

Decidedly deep tracks. Mature, solid writing, recording and production.


  Flashback (2011)
Greatest Hits package now available! The very best of Alien Music Club chosen from CD releases from the past 10 years!

  Samurai Werewolves From Mars (2009)
Samurai Werewolves From Mars is a straight-up, modern/traditional jazz offering and is mostly instrumental. BUY THIS CD AND GET "WELCOME TO THE FUTURE" FREE!


  Welcome To The Future (2009)
Welcome To The Future is a rock, blues, funk, acoustic, cross-genre offering, with something for everyone. It features a couple of well-placed cover tunes, great vocals and guitar. BUY THIS CD AND GET "SAMURAI WEREWOLVES FROM MARS" FREE!


  Zero Digital Gravity (2006)

"Zero Digital Gravity", is a 12-tune journey through many jazz flavors, from fusion to traditional with influences ranging from Mingus to Metheny with stabs at Dregs compositional fusion. The opening track, "Long Story Short", is a showcase. The beautiful piece combines acoustic guitar, piano, with the deep bass of the great guitar jazz masters from the 50's and 60's. "Evaporation" pushes our way some flavors of more classic jazz guitar phrasings. "Inertia" is a a compelling and moving jazz mover that, as the title suggests, tends to stay in motion. The title track, "Zero Digital Gravity", is a fusion-fest. Guitars move in several directions with the right-channel rock melodic Morse-ish guitar trading lines with the left-channel's traditionalist. The final track on the CD is the song, "Let it Fall". Whether he knows it or not, Pearlman can sing. His lower register vocals are nearly speaking, but when he sings the chorus he soars with strength, tone, and clarity. Well-rounded jazz CD from a mature and seasoned musician.


  The Green Album-Phase 1 (2005)

AVAILABLE AT CDBABY.COM AS A DOUBLE CD! From the serious to the sublime. More humour. More hot licks. Written, performed, recorded and mixed by yours truly. There's a Frank Zappa tribute song and a Zappa cover song.

  The Green Album-Phase 2 (2005)

AVAILABLE AT CDBABY.COM AS A DOUBLE CD! All instrumental album in a wide range of styles. There's surf-jazz-funk-ballad stuff mixed in with weird time signature experiments. All original, self recorded and band.

  Top Secret (2004)

Alien Music Club's "Top Secret" is a secret that ought to be shared with anyone who appreciates artists who push the envelope within multiple genres and do so with kick ass fun. With influences from Elvis Costello to Steely Dan, VanHalen, SRV, Zevon and They Might Be Giants - combined with irresistible comedic and cynical lyrical content and perfect production quality and great musicianship. The cover Joe Jackson's "Is She Really Going Out With Him", in a speedy reggae, almost Devo (Satisfaction) style with smooth creamy pop harmonies and vocals. These musicians from another world cut loose at least a couple of times with speed pop/jazz instrumentals on the sandwich tracks (opening and closing cuts), "Crash Landing" and "Sexuality". Tracks have a purpose in their placement, order, composition, narrative, and presentation - the album makes sense from start to finish.


  Alien Music Club (2004)

This was the first album released under the Alien Music Club band name. It mixes rockabilly, jazz, R&B, funk, punk rock, and acoustic! 18-tracks of pure inspiration. The first song, "Geezer In The Gator" is a fast-paced 70's boogie-woogie piece. The comedy element is always present and track 2, "Mary Wright", chronicles experiences with the know-it-all conservative up-tight Mary. JP goes into a Deep Purple-ish rock feel in "Better Leave a Message". The most unlikely of phrases hits an Austin-based blues rock feel with "My Magic Toenail". The tune is a cross in mood that reminds us of both ZZ Top and Steely Dan. The reality here is that despite JP's passable singing ability and tremendous comedic pop/rock writings, he is a masterful musician. "Club Jazz" is proof to that as he takes a Paul Desmond 'Take 5' approach to a compelling instrumental. Ray Davies', "Tired of Waiting" is also given a mature musical treatment.


  Brain Luggage (2003)
First Indie Rock effort with some of the best songwriting to date! Standout tracks: the original version of "Pray for the Aliens", "White Satin's on the Moon", and "Suicide Man". Some very nice tunes by Big Al featured on this album and Jaron's first song, too.

  Playing Along The Way (2002)
Big Al & Little Jo's "Americana" album featuring mostly acoustic material featuring nice harmonies. A song by my cousin Scott Pearlman is also included. A very deep & introspective release.

  JP & The Dream Pool (2000)
A largely acoustic album with occasional indie rock material...a LoFi meandering of random thoughts and observations.

  A Perfect Day (1995)

Recorded in 1995 on 8-track, analog tape, this concept album includes sound effects and soundbites, and segues seamlessly from track to track. It features biting social commentary, heavy rock and gentle acoustic material.

  River Rock (1990)
This was a collective album featuring winners from a local rock music contest, and Alien Music Club is included in the lineup with a song called "Overdrive".

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